Adibah Noor never complains about herself, always ‘okay’ – Hans Isaac

Adibah Noor never complains about herself, always ‘okay’ – Hans Isaac

KUALA LUMPUR: The passing of versatile singer and actress, the late Adibah Noor, 51, came as a shock to her celebrity friends.

According to the famous actor and film director, Datuk Hans Isaac, the singer who is popular with the song Terlalu Istimewa has never shared about his health condition.

In fact, said Hans or the owner of the real name Gerald Hans Isaac, Adibah rarely talks about herself.

“Nothing to share (about pain). Always what he mentions is the goodness of others in the industry. She always fought for others or rights in the art industry.

“She never complained about the clause herself. That’s all I know. And when I call her for any project, she’ll be ‘okay’.

“As long as there is space, Adibah Noor is okay,” he told reporters when met at the Al Ansar Mosque here, today, to pay his last respects to Adibah Noor.

Hans added, the late also never considered the question of payment when invited to succeed in any project.

On the other hand, the third child of the four siblings is a very positive person and supports other celebrity friends.

Secondly, she never ask about payment, (instead she said) ‘let’s just do it Hans’. She doesn’t count at all, “added the director of Film Cuci.

“I was shocked yesterday, I was at the cinema. When I got this news, still in no mood , I came out of the movie. I can’t focus, “she said again.

Meanwhile, the late’s comrade -in -arms in Gegar Vaganza season eight (GV8), Suki Low also could not hold back tears remembering the memory with Adibah Noor.

“My sister (Adibah Noor) is a very helpful person. She looked kind of firm but his heart was very, very soft.

“She always supports Suki in competitions. Sh once said, no matter what the jury says, you do your best.

“I never thought she would leave (as soon as this) because of the festive season, we are still doing the project and she should be the one to propose the project,” said Suki.

Adibah Noor died at 7.45pm on Saturday (June 18) at a private hospital in the capital, due to ovarian cancer.

source – Hasimi Muhamad

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