Adi Putra produces Amrani essential oil

Adi Putra produces Amrani essential oil

The most worrying thing is when someone who looks healthy and normal on the outside but actually has a hidden illness.

For example, many people cannot detect the occurrence of mental problems such as depression in themselves or in the people around us.

Furthermore, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it has had a great impact on the mental health of the world’s population, especially our country.

As Co-Founder of Amrani with Gramp’s Asia, he was directly involved with the research team in the production of the essential oil blend.

He also admitted that he went through a rather difficult phase during the period of COVID-19, not being able to go out to work and meet people, thus he fully understands the situation that the community has to face.

“Essential oils are proven to have very effective elements for emotional well-being and do not contribute to physical and mental health.

“My family and I are fans of essential oils that not only soothe but also scent the home.

“The aroma produced by this oil can help ease anxiety and feelings. By just dropping two or three drops of essential oil in the burner before it is burned or drops into the vaporizer which then spreads the calming scent throughout the home,” he said during the launch of Amrani brand essential oil products, recently.

Amrani came forward to introduce three types of essential oil blends namely Prince Hadi, Zara Adelia and Lull Vendi.

Adi said that every ingredient used is carefully selected to benefit the health of the user as well as being safe for the family to use.

“In addition to guaranteeing its authenticity, it also offers therapeutic effects for health,” he said, who hopes that this product can bring new ‘light’ to the community.

source – wilayahku

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