Acrobatic shows, circus will be an event in the Melaka tourism calendar 2023

Acrobatic shows, circus will be an event in the Melaka tourism calendar 2023

MELAKA: Acrobatic and circus shows will be featured in the state’s tourism calendar in 2023, in Melaka’s efforts to reach the target of five million tourists visiting this Historic State.

State Tourism, Heritage and Culture Exco Datuk Muhammad Jailani Thursday said the Great British Circus, which has held three shows in the state since 2018, is seen to be able to attract more than 30,000 visitors throughout the show from Oct 15 to Nov 13.

“To that end, the state government is planning to collaborate with several parties including government-related companies (GLCs) together with the organizers of the circus to ensure that this event will continue in the coming year,” he told reporters after watching the Great British Circus show at the Malacca State Development Corporation Square ( PKNM) here last night.

He said the number of visitors to the circus is expected to increase ahead of the Deepavali holiday this weekend, given that Melaka is often the focus of visitors every time it is a holiday or school holiday.

Muhammad Jailani said that if this matter is realized and included in the Melaka tourism calendar, he will make several improvements to ensure that this acrobatic and circus show becomes the choice of visitors to Melaka.

At the same time, he believes that the cooperation that will be established with the organizers, especially from abroad, is seen to be able to unearth the talents of local children in such shows.

“These people have skills, experience and extensive knowledge in acrobatic and circus shows. So, if there is cooperation between the two parties, we believe that many talents of Melaka children in this type of show will be highlighted,” he said.

source – BERNAMA

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