Accused of stinginess, Rain took legal action

Accused of stinginess, Rain took legal action

South Korean singer and actor Rain will take legal action against those who spread false information about him.

Its management agency, Sublime Artist Agency (SAA) said they had made a review of information and rumors deemed to be an attempt to defame, personally attack and malicious.

“We have reviewed several posts and comments that spread false information, defamed our artists, attacked them personally and spread unauthentic rumors.

“There are YouTubers who make fake news in order to get views, and they are the source of fake news spreading widely.

“We will take legal action. There is no compromise or cooperation,” the SAA said in a statement.

In April last year, a video calling Rain ‘stingy’ was spread and claimed Rain “wouldn’t be spending to feed new artist friends in the industry despite having assets of over 80 million KRW”.

On January 13, a former entertainment journalist uploaded a video on YouTube and confirmed having obtained certainty about the allegations.

“Those who work with Rain generally think he is stingy at first, but it is not true because he often gives gifts and food to them. There may be other reasons why people misunderstand about it, “the reporter said.


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