Accused of defamation, activists demanded that Nabila Huda apologize, RM900,000 in damages

Accused of defamation, activists demanded that Nabila Huda apologize, RM900,000 in damages

KUALA LUMPUR: Activist Fatimah Zaharah Rahim who claimed to have been slandered by actress and television host, Nabila Huda Suhaimi on social media sites last year demanded an apology and RM900,000 compensation from the popular artist.

A letter of demand was sent by law firm NHA Advocates & Solicitors representing the activist to the popular artist last Thursday (January 20).

Nabila Huda, who is also the daughter of legendary rock singer, Amy Search, was accused of spreading false news and defamatory statements on December 25 last year by uploading, writing and publishing through the Instagram application with the username @kupu_kupu.

Fatimah Zaharah claimed that Nabila Huda had exposed her to the hatred of the people when she saw and read what was written and published by the actress.

In a media statement distributed today, Nabila Huda was alleged to have published defamatory statements which meant that the activist was an immoral person.

Nabil Huda also claimed that the activity took and gave items donated by others but admitted that the items were from him, taking advantage of others and other statements.

“On the same date, Nabila Huda was also alleged to have uploaded a picture of the activist and published a broadcast in which the statements meant that the activist had given donations that were not his but stated that the donations were from him and took advantage of over others.

“The allegedly defamatory statements and false news have been shared and viewed on various other social media platforms including the Youtube platform, news portal sites and also media channels.

“The client, Fatimah Zaharah has never done what Nabila Huda alleged and she has received criticism, threats and untrue comments from the community following the words shared by the actress,” said lawyer Nurul Hafidzah Hassan in the statement.

The statement also informed that if there is no apology, payment of RM900,000 in damages or damages commensurate with the effect of the defamation action within seven days after receiving the letter of demand, the local activist will continue to file a claim in court.

The statement added that the allegations made by Nabila Huda who is also a well-known actress and lawyer have caused Fatimah Zaharah to experience embarrassment, emotional stress and sadness when the public believed the allegations of false and defamatory news that had been uploaded and reposted by social media users who others after seeing the delivery.

-Astro Awani

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