“ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE” “addicts” fans as “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey” rockets to top of Indie Charts

“ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE” “addicts” fans as “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey” rockets to top of Indie Charts

The President of Pop (P.o.P.) Rocketing towards Top Indie Artist in Brazil, with Hit Song “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey”

BRASÍLIA, Brazil, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In less than two weeks, Brazil catapulted newcomer The President of Pop to #7th place, and climbing, in Brazil’s most popular Indie Artist Chart. Palcomp3.com.br is Brazil’s leading musical tastemaker. When Palco asked The President of Pop’s team for permission to release his song “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey” on Palco, the P.o.P. instantly agreed. Within minutes of Sail Away Hey Hey Hey’s Brazilian release, fans hopped on board, and began pulling The President of Pop to the top 10 of Brazil’s most popular Indie Pop chart.

The President of Pop’s song “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey” had already been added to over a hundred fifty Spotify playlists, while garnering and additional two million plus streams and downloads on The President of Pop’s website, PopMusic.com.

At the same time, Youtube comments clarified The President of Pop’s growing reputation as the most innovative creator of pop music on the world stage. ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE” says one Youtube commenter on the “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey” video, while another Youtuber documents the growing loyalty of The President of Pop’s fanbase: “MY FAVORITE SONG YOU HAVE EVER RELEASED”. The addictive “catchiness” of The President of Pop’s music is alluded to in another Youtuber’s Comment: “If I keep listening (…) like I have been listening today, very soon I will be addicted”

Does the President of Pop return Brazil’s love?

“I grew up in a house with several generations of family possessions, including 78 wax records. When I was three years old I loved Carmen Miranda. Obviously, I’ve updated my taste since then, but I’m still especially proud and honoured by the people in Brazil who’ve shown their love for “Sail Away Hey Hey Hey”, and envy them living in country with such a rich and happy strain of pop music, that was also one of my earliest influences.

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