A viral message on social media about M Daud Kilau died untrue – Wife

A viral message on social media about M Daud Kilau died untrue – Wife

TELUK INTAN: A viral message on social media about Datuk M Daud Kilau who is currently being treated in hospital due to watery lung problems is said to have died is not true.

The matter was denied by the veteran singer’s wife, Datin Rohani Awang Ngah.

According to Rohani, her husband has shown signs of recovery after shortness of breath until he had to use a ventilator last Wednesday night.

She also admitted that she had seen a viral message saying that her husband had died.

In fact, she also received many calls from friends asking the truth about the matter.

“The message is not true, Datuk is still being treated in hospital but his condition is improving.

“The doctor has already changed the oxygen level to a lower level on the ventilator, he can now speak.

“I’m used to receiving messages like this, every time Datuk goes to the hospital, there must be messages like this. I’m used to it, it’s okay,” she said.

The 84-year-old singer was previously reported to be in a critical condition and was admitted to Teluk Intan Hospital at midnight on Wednesday after experiencing shortness of breath.

Throughout the treatment, he was closely monitored by the doctor and used a breathing aid.

source – Abd Razak Mohd Ali


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