A special copy of Marvel’s debut comic cost RM10 million in the auction session

A special copy of Marvel’s debut comic cost RM10 million in the auction session

NEW YORK: A copy of Marvel’s debut comic was resold for $ 2.4 million in an online auction on Friday.

Known as Marvel Comics #1 paid copy, the copy is one of the top three in the world of comic collection, said ComicConnect Chief Operating Officer Vincent Zurzolo.

The AP reported that the New York -based auction body sold the comic on Thursday night for $ 2,427,800.

The names of the successful bidders were not disclosed. The individual is described as an investor and collector of comic books with extreme interests, who also collects other items.

Published in 1939, Marvel Comics #1 introduced characters including Sub-Mariner, and the original Human Torch, before it later evolved into a member of the Fantastic Four.

The existence of the comic is said to be the beginning of Marvel in exploring the prospects of storytelling development through comics, movies, television programs and video games.

The special copy, which is still in good condition, is highly ‘hunted’ by its fans, as it features the publisher’s notes recording the original payments for all its writers and painters. For example, Frank R. Paul was paid a total of US $ 25 for painting the cover of the comic book, which has now increased in value nearly 100,000 times.

“It’s very important to dive into the world of its making and find out about the story behind the scenes of a comic publishing company,” Zurzolo said.

Marvel World next introduced superhero characters such as Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Avengers, Iron Man, Daredevil and Hulk.

“Without the income of this comic, who knows? Maybe all that didn’t happen. Probably because the name of Marvel comics is very close in the community, then from certain aspects, its existence opens to various other things, “he said.

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