A newsreader had a stroke while broadcasting

A newsreader had a stroke while broadcasting

OKLAHAMA: A newsreader reportedly faced a moment of anxiety when he suffered a mild stroke while broadcasting on television.

As soon as she realized her condition, Julie Chin, who works at the KJRH television station in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital last Saturday after trying to read the news on the remote control was unsuccessful.

Citing a Sky News portal report, Chin said that not only was he unable to speak, but the vision in one eye began to blur and his hands and arms began to feel numb.

“If you watched then, you must know how difficult it is for me to speak. I started to realize I was in big trouble when no words could be thrown out of my mouth,” he said.

Chin who is currently in the process of receiving treatment said, he is grateful that the incident was noticed by his colleague who quickly called an ambulance.

Doctors who treated Chin told the television personality that it is believed he suffered a mild stroke and not a full-body stroke.

Meanwhile, Chin called on the public to learn about the early symptoms of a stroke for common guidance.

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