A meaningful gift for Che Ta at the age of 50, moving to a luxury RM10 million bungalow

A meaningful gift for Che Ta at the age of 50, moving to a luxury RM10 million bungalow

There is an English saying that real life begins at the age of 40.

But for the artist and popular entrepreneur, Rozita Che Wan or Che Ta, her life is quite meaningful at the age of 50 which was celebrated on March 9.

Even sweeter, the anniversary was also celebrated with the presence of a new house worth almost 10 million located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

The four-year wait to live in the luxury bungalow type house after facing several problems including the construction contractor disappearing after Rozita or more affectionately known as Che Ta invested millions of ringgit has finally come to an end.

“I can’t describe the feeling of celebrating this birthday. In addition to being able to move into a new home. Not as small as the amount I invested for this house.

“Had to be cheated by some more construction contractors. Then we were tested by the COVID-19 pandemic, so the renovation process of the house was also delayed.

“But now, I’m thankful it’s all over. Boy, Ramadan and Syawal will be celebrated by Muslims soon. Being able to enter this new house is the best gift for me,” she said.

The bungalow house is not only lived by Che Ta with her husband, Zain Saidin and her three children. In fact, as previously reported, the Kiah Pekasam drama actor was also praised by many for honoring her parents when she invited her mother and mother-in-law to live together.

“Zain himself was surprised and didn’t think I was determined to invite her mother to live with him. Not to mention my close friends who feel the same way.

“After all, my mother-in-law lives alone after her grandson, who is also the son of Sasha Saidin, moved abroad. So I think it’s not wrong to invite her to sit once in the new house.

“Her health has not been good lately after undergoing surgery. At least someone saw and helped her when she stayed,” she said.

The co-founder of the Inai Che Ta business empire said Zain initially worried that his mother would become a burden.

“I have never thought that way about anyone who is under this responsibility. I believe sometimes God gives us sustenance through other people.

“She is not fussy and easy to manage. At the age of 76, he ate whatever was served. Old people eat a lot. In fact she refused to trouble me including the maid.

“All this time, while living with her grandson (Sasha Saidin’s son), she was very strong and she is the one who drives the car to send grandchildren to school, taekwondo class and buy daily goods. “But since her health was affected after she fell and her hip fractured until she had to undergo surgery, she seems to be weak,” she said.

Che Ta also admitted that her mother was open and welcomed the effort to invite mother-in-law to live together.

“It’s just funny, when the mother and mother-in-law chat each other like a chicken and a duck. One speaks Malay, the other speaks English. I am also amused to see their behavior,” she said.

In the meantime, every year to celebrate her birthday, this woman born in Kedah does not miss organizing a party.

This year, even at the age of 50, Che Ta organized a relaxed ceremony with the theme of going to heaven attended by family, close friends and free preachers, Ustaz Syamsul Debat at a prominent premise in the capital.

In fact, his Instagram (IG) entries were also filled with golden (old is gold) photography sessions.

“There is nothing else I want to pursue. As long as I am strong, God willing, I will try my best to be a good wife, mother and child. I will never stop making my loved ones happy.

“So this woman has to be diligent and ambitious. I also have to prioritize myself. I have to think a little for myself, don’t shy away and give in too much.

“It’s just a close friend who worries that I work hard and don’t have time to rest. I’m not getting younger and tougher either. So take care of your health in this golden age,” she said.

Regarding the surprise birthday gift of performing Umrah sponsored by her business partner, Anas Zahrin, Che Ta has not yet been able to give a final say on whether to go to the Holy Land of Makkah.

“Initially, I planned to perform Umrah during the birthday celebration this year. But it did not come true for several reasons.

“Perhaps the best time if allowed, I want to take my husband there with me during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Hope that intention is simplified,” she said, who is also involved in hosting the cooking program, Rasa soon.


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