A fan was injured by a fireworks explosion at Dua Lipa’s concert

A fan was injured by a fireworks explosion at Dua Lipa’s concert

SINGER Dua Lipa and thousands of fans who were watching her concert in Toronto were surprised by an unexpected incident.

At the moment when the singer was busy performing, the venue of the concert, the Scotiabank Arena, was shocked by an explosion of fireworks that made the situation chaotic.

The explosion of fireworks is believed to have been smuggled in by fans and burned in the middle of the crowd during the concert.

The incident has left at least three spectators injured.

Upset with the incident, Dua Lipa apologized to the injured and all the fans present.

“I humbly apologize to everyone. To those of you who are scared and insecure and affected in any way,” she wrote on Instagram.

The 26-year-old star also said that she and her team always prioritize safety in every concert they do.

“Providing a safe and inclusive place is my priority. Me and the team were surprised by what happened,” she added.

Earlier, some videos that were accidentally recorded by trending that showed fireworks exploding in the middle of the concert venue went viral on Twitter.

For the record, in November 2021, Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert festival became a nightmare for fans when there was a commotion due to overcrowding until some died.

In Hong Kong this week a giant screen fell and hit two dancers during a concert by the popular group Mirror.

source – Gempak .


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