8-year-old children have an extraordinary talent for drawing portraits

8-year-old children have an extraordinary talent for drawing portraits

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Although only eight years old, Dihya Muhammad Fateh Mohd Faridil Amir has an extraordinary talent in producing portraits and animations like a professional painter.

The prowess of the Year Two student affectionately known as Fateh has gone viral after the portrait paintings he produced received the praise of virtual citizens following the sharing of his mother, Khairunisa Mamat who uploaded photos and videos of Fateh’s paintings on TikTok.

Khairunisa, 34, said Fateh has been interested in drawing since he was three years old, by drawing on the walls in their home with various types of cartoons, especially Ultraman characters, and she and her husband let Fateh draw on the wall because they want their son to show creativity.

She said when Fateh was three to seven years old, he drew a lot of cartoon characters such as Boboiboy, Agent Ali, Naruto, Ultraman and animated characters, but since last March he became interested in drawing portraits.

“Usually Fateh won’t tell the person he painted, but after finishing painting he himself will hand it over to the owner of the portrait… it’s like a surprise to them, and Fateh is happy when the recipient smiles and thanks him,” she said .

Khairunisa said Fateh, who is the fourth child of five siblings, learned a lot to draw through tutorials on YouTube such as Amamijan, Ali Haider and Devon Rondriguez, and it took him 15 to 20 minutes to complete a portrait or picture of a person.

She said that her son always brought a special drawing book and pencils to draw portraits and did not count the place or time to draw, because he was very happy every time he could complete his drawing.

“Sometimes we go out to eat and while in a shop or restaurant, Fateh will draw the portrait he wants… usually the faces of the customers or employees in the shop where we eat, he draws their portraits.

“Some people think that Fateh wants money after handing over the picture of the painting, but in fact, Fateh never wanted money, instead he wanted them to be happy with the picture of his painting,” said the housewife.

Fateh’s father, Mohd Faridil Amir Shobri, 38, said the purpose of sharing his son’s art with his wife was simply to document the journey of the little one’s interest, and at the same time hoped they could receive criticism and support openly from virtual citizens.

Although at first I was a bit worried that I would receive criticism for letting my child draw in public places and disturbing the privacy of others, but so far the action has received praise and even support from netizens.

“In fact, Fateh also always reads comments left by cyber people who see videos of his paintings on TikTok, from there he will also be able to improve his portrait paintings at the same time encouraging him to continue painting,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fateh said that he aspired to become a professional painter because of his deep interest in the field, and even hoped to follow training in portrait painting.

“I draw portraits of people’s faces because I want to make them happy and every time I see them smile when they accept my drawing, it makes me happy.

“Some people gave me money after receiving a portrait, I said thank you and told them that the painting was free because of my interest in painting,” he said.

source – BERNAMA


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