4 days of broadcast, Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan won 11 million

4 days of broadcast, Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan won 11 million

FILM Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan continues to record a proud record when it collected RM11 million in three days (as of 9pm) since it was screened in cinemas, since last Thursday.

This is based on the latest information from the official Facebook of GSC.

Previously, the film produced by Studio Kembara directed by Syamsul Yusof was reported to have set a record as the first local epic film to collect RM1 million on the first day of screening.

Followed on the second day, this Mat Kilau film won a quote of RM1.8 million and on the third day it came to RM3 million.

The film Mat Kilau Kebangkitan Pahlawan is led by Datuk Adi Putra who is given the responsibility to bring to life the heroic character Mat Kilau Imam Rasu or Mat Kilau.

The film is supported by great stars including Wan Hanafi Su as Mat Kilau’s father, namely Tok Gajah, Beto Kusyairy (Wahid), Khir Rahman (Usup), Fattah Amin (Awang) and Johan As’ari (Yassin).

Not to be missed are Datuk Rahim Razali, Namron, Shaharuddin Thamby, Ellie Suriaty, Farah Ahmad and Indonesian action actor, Yayan Ruhian as Toga.

The film Mat Kilau was made in the atmosphere of 1892 when the British colonialists occupied land in Pahang. The British harvested the produce of Pahang belonging to the Malays and interfered in the customs and religion of the Malays.

Not allowing British barbarism in Pahang to spread, Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah and his friends rose up against the British.

The ingenuity of Mat Kilau and Tok Gajah in planning the resistance caused the British to suffer pressure and losses until a fierce battle ensued.

Previously, among the films directed by Syamsul that garnered a proud collection were Munafik 1, Munafik 2 and KL Gangster

source – wilayahku


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