’35mm’ brings the audience back to the past – Syahmi Sazli

’35mm’ brings the audience back to the past – Syahmi Sazli

DIRECTOR and actor of the film “35mm”, Syahmi Sazli revealed the main reason he chose the theme of adventure into the past through the film he directed.

According to Syahmi, one of the reasons the theme was chosen was because of the desire to recall the past and at the same time lift past memories through the big screen.

“The idea to make this film came from myself. Why did I choose the idea of ​​traveling to the past? Because some of us have not had time to go through the past, such as the British and Japanese.

“I also had time to go through the 90s but at that time I was still young.

“Therefore, I hope that the production of this film can take us back to the old memories that we can not go back,” he said.

The film features a line -up of actors in previous films such as Asif Suhaimi, Yoe Parey and Syahmi himself.

“35mm” tells the story of three friends – Syahmi, Asif and Yoe – who are stuck in filming to several different eras after buying an antique camera.

Among the eras that the three friends went through include the Chinese Dynasty era, the Japanese colonial era and also the British.

Every era that Syahmi, Asif and Yoe went through must have challenges that need to be faced in order to escape.

When they were in 1997, Yoe felt helpless because for the first time, he had the opportunity to meet his parents.

However, they have to find a way by any means to return in 2020.

source – Gempak


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