30 years old.. Aiden Daniel doesn’t mind being called BBNU

30 years old.. Aiden Daniel doesn’t mind being called BBNU

NEWCOMER to the world of singing, Aiden Daniel, 30, doesn’t see himself as being too late to build a name in the local arts industry.

Receiving education and encouragement from the composer, Zul 2By2, Aiden or his real name, Muhammad Amirul Abdul Rahim said, he is okay with being called ‘budak-budak baru nak up’ (BBNU) since his involvement in local music is still ‘green’.

“Previously, I have tried many times, for example performing at closed parties, having dinners, participating in karaoke competitions and so on.

“It’s just that at that time I haven’t found the right person who can open the way for me to ‘enter’ the world of commercial singing.

“Then the meeting with Abang Zul, he was the one who gave me that opportunity, thank God. I will try my best because I have always been interested in singing.

“I also believe in sustenance. Sooner or later, it has been arranged beautifully by Him. We are the only ones who need to work,” he said.

Risking the first single titled Sampai Masanya, Aiden optimistically wants to give his best.

“Even though he is 30 years old, for me he is still not over. This single actually already has a singer who should have recorded it but didn’t do it.

“Then when we met for work, he suggested that I sing the single because it suited the tone of my voice.

“So that’s where the story begins. Alhamdulillah, the cost of recording and launching was borne by my management, Timur Empayar Management. I hope this song will be well received,” he said, who just got married a few months ago.

Lucky because his wife also gives full support to his career at the moment, Aiden however chooses not to do ‘non-non’ gimmicks for the sake of status and good name.

“There are also thoughts of going viral, but if possible let it be in the right way. Don’t want just for a moment, what do you do? It’s better to build a name slowly to stay in the industry.

“It’s the same when facing fans, we have to be professional. My wife is okay, she understands my interests. Alhamdulillah so far everything is fine,” he said again.

source – wilayahku


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