24K golden artworks seek to enthral regional collectors

24K golden artworks seek to enthral regional collectors

The world’s first and only artist to use 24K gold for his paintings has his work available for viewing exclusively at Aureo Gallery

AS the global market focuses its attention towards the non fungible tokens (NFT) trade, including enthusiasts here in the country, it begs the question of whether non-digital art still has the same attraction.

Malaysia is not necessarily known as an art destination, but the scene here is in fact enticing enough for certain industry players to showcase their masterpieces among local collectors – one of which is artist Kim Il Tae, and the physical art he carries.

Pushing for the opulence of 24-karat gold art, the South Korean born creative showcased his exclusive collection of gold paintings valued up to US$2 million (RM8.8 million) and rising.

Six of his works were presented by Aureo Gallery as part of the ‘50 Golden Finites’ week-long exhibition in the hopes of enthralling the studio’s art collectors and prospects.

Among the showstopping paintings were ‘Rose Garden 1’ where a symphony of blooming flowers are able to brighten up the dullest of days. It is a rose garden like no other because of its presentation in 24K gold. This piece by the artist allows us to imagine the wondrous harmony of art and nature.

Another memorable piece is ‘Eight Golden Dragons I’. The dragon is a mythical creature commonly known among oriental cultures – signifying tremendous power, and a commanding character to behold. It is no surprise that when an icon such as the dragon is presented with a golden facade, the idea of burgeoning prosperity comes to mind, making the artwork desirable.

The ‘Buddha Dharma’ is also a sought after piece. A quick check on the gallery’s website notes that the spiritual-themed gold art by Kim Il Tae has already been sold. Also Illustrated with fine 24K gold that accentuates the purity, enlightenment and wisdom of Buddha, it is a work that embodies peace, harmony and respect.

While the artist behind the masterpieces was not able to be present for the exhibition’s unveiling, Kim’s art speaks for itself.

“Globally, gold art is still a new form of interpretation (first taking off in 2015) and is picking up pace among eager art groups, but the traction of interest towards it is steady,” said Aureo Gallery chief finance officer Azmil Saleh.

“We are seeing that Malaysia will be the hub for this form of artistry. In fact, we have sold over 250 [gold art] pieces so far since gold art as introduced to public.

“Aureo Gallery aims to engage with collectors, investors (who are looking to flip their purchase) and those who don’t want to miss out in such trend.

“The value in gold art is not only for its beauty but also because gold is known as a uniquely private and exceptional. It will not fade into obscurity and has the potential to be a generational and appreciating asset,” he added.

If you missed out on the showcase, you may visit https://aureo.co and https://www.50goldenfinites.com respectively for further information on Aureo Gallery and ‘50 Golden Finites’. Follow @aureogallery on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.

source – The Vibes


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