About to divorce, singer Hasnol does not rule out financial problems as the cause of the crisis

About to divorce, singer Hasnol does not rule out financial problems as the cause of the crisis

About to divorce, singer Hasnol does not rule out financial problems as the cause of the crisis

SINGER, Hasnol Hassan Ariff, 52, does not deny that one of the reasons for the divorce between him and his wife Marina Mohin is because of his economic problems as the head of the family.

The former Bintang Gegar Vaganza season eight (GV8) revealed that eight years ago he was advised to let go of his wife if his economy was not strong.

“From the results of the counseling… to be honest, I was advised that if my economy still cannot be improved… Then, the law of circumcision to release the wife falls.

“I know that as the head of the family and husband, I should have the economic strength to provide for my children and wife.

“Therefore I don’t want to torture the life of my wife who has to be the head of the household because I can’t do my responsibilities as a husband perfectly,” he said.

The singer who is popular with the song Laguku Untukmu was contacted by Gempak through the Whatsapp application after he confirmed that he will go to the Syariah Court in Bangi, Selangor tomorrow on Thursday for the divorce process with his wife on a media portal before.

In addition, Hasnol also admitted that the reason for their marriage, which was built since 12 years ago, had to be ended because they were not in the same direction, agreed and not compatible.

In the meantime, commenting on the issue before he claimed that his wife likes popularity, Hasnol admitted that he had no intention of humiliating her.

“Perhaps it was misunderstood. Yes, my wife does have a little desire to gain a place in the hearts of her followers and my fans as well, but honestly, not too much.

“On the contrary, he is the person who is always by my side through difficult and easy times and is not as described,” he explained.

However, Hasnol said he was tired of getting married again and wanted to focus on his career and his mother.

“I’m scared to get married again. After this I will try to improve myself and take the opportunity to take care of my mother.

“From there I will try to take steps again. For now it’s better for me to focus on my own shortcomings and I don’t want to blame my mistakes or mistakes on him,” he said.

Hasnol who married Marina in 2010 and has a child Haneesa Maisara who is now 11 years old.

Through his first marriage with his ex-wife, Akhmarzuraikha Salleh, 52, he was blessed with three children namely Aqeef Hayyat, 27, Aqeef Hilman, 24 and Hanna Aeesya, 18 years old.

In 2015, an entertainment portal reported that the couple’s household, which had been in turmoil at the beginning of the year, was back to normal.

It follows that they agree to resolve the crisis experienced amicably and start a new life.

source – Gempak


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