17 visitors to the entertainment premises tested positive for drugs

17 visitors to the entertainment premises tested positive for drugs

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 17 visitors at an entertainment center in Petaling Jaya were arrested yesterday believed to be involved in various drug abuse offenses.

Petaling Jaya District Police Chief ACP Mohamad Fakhruddin Abdul Hamid said the raid was carried out by the Narcotics Crime Investigation Division of the Petaling Jaya District Police Headquarters (IPD) at about 12.30am in the Sea Park area.

“During the raid, a total of 76 visitors were found entertaining and the results of the examination 17 of them aged between 20 to 50 were positive for drugs and investigated under Section 39A (1) and (2), Section 12 (2) and Section 15 (1) ( a) Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

“MDMA and ketamine with an estimated weight of 42 grams (g) and 11.5 g respectively were also seized worth RM3,720, all suspects were remanded for further investigation,” he said in a statement today.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Fakhruddin said police raided two other entertainment center premises in Petaling Jaya through Op Noda Khas/Op Pusat Hiburan at 11.30pm yesterday and were found to have failed to submit entertainment licenses and licenses to sell liquor for this year.

He said as a result of the raid, a local man guarding the counter faced a suit while two foreigners including a woman who was an employee of the premises were detained to assist in the investigation.

According to him, a total of 17 bottles of liquor of various brands, four studio equipment and cash amounting to RM1,695 were seized in the two raids.

“The case is being investigated under Section 76 (1) of the Excise Act 1976, Section 55/39 (b) of the Immigration Rules and Section 6 of the Selangor Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Enactment,” he said.

source – BERNAMA


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