12 years of conversion, Marcell finally found peace in Islam

12 years of conversion, Marcell finally found peace in Islam

Indonesian SINGER, Marcell admits that many people are not sure about his religious beliefs even though he has embraced Islam since 12 years ago.

According to Marcell, 45, it’s not because he’s hiding things related to religious or spiritual beliefs, rather he admits that it’s not easy for him to share openly.

“People congratulated me for converting to Islam, apparently many did not know that I had embraced Islam since 2012. My first fast was also that year.

“Because since long ago, that spiritual achievement was not something that I could not share with most people.

“What’s more, I’m the type of person who learns a lot about religion and belief. I learn a lot of virtues from each belief.

“So, to share things like this is not easy. Not everyone can accept it,” he said.

Marcell or his full name Marcellius Kirana Hamonangan Siahaan said this after the press conference of the Marcell Dua Dekade Live in Kuala Lumpur concert in the capital, yesterday.

The singer of the song Jangan Pernah Berubah said that Islam finally opened the way for him to meet the peace of life.

“We have to open up that (calmness) to come. If we have closed ourselves in a sense with pride and insincerity, peace will not come.

“Believe me. Don’t let us think that peace of mind, happiness or even love is something that should be pursued. It is everywhere. All we have to do is open the ‘windows’, it will come by itself.

“If the window I mean is opened, it means we have sincerely let go. We need to enjoy our worship. In prayer, tahajud or whatever or fasting, enjoy the moment.

“Fasting does not mean staying hungry. The prayer is not just a routine performed in front of the prayer mat. Or think that surah al-Fatihah is just the opening surah of the Quran,” he said.

Earlier, the media reported that Marcell, who is also the husband of the beautiful actress and model, Rima Melati Adams, had changed his faith several times, especially his religion.

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source – Gempak


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