1,000-km journey to whip up patriotism among S’wakians for National Day

1,000-km journey to whip up patriotism among S’wakians for National Day

Entourage starts from state’s southern tip of Telok Melano, ends in northernmost Lawas

MIRI – The Sarawak Information Department is looking to stir up the spirit of patriotism among Sarawakians ahead of the National Day on August 31.

Its officials are going on a statewide convoy to distribute the Jalur Gemilang and the Sarawak state flag to as many people as possible in all districts.

The entourage has embarked on a 1,000 km-long tour, stretching from Telok Melano in the southern tip of Sarawak to the northernmost town of Lawas adjacent to the state border with Sabah.

This morning, the convoy’s vehicles arrived at the historic Sri Aman town near central Sarawak, about 200km north of the state capital Kuching.

Sarawak Education, Talent Development and Innovation Deputy Minister Datuk Francis Harden welcomed the participants at the Sri Aman waterfront.

Speaking at the public ceremony to distribute flags to the public, he urged all Sarawakians to openly show their loyalty and pride during the national-level August 31 event.

“The department has deployed its teams to travel all over Sarawak to distribute flags to the local residents.

“In an effort to instil a sense of loyalty to the state and country, both the state flag and national flag are being distributed.

“We call on everyone to show their loyalty by flying the Malaysia and Sarawak flags prominently for others to see,” he said.

He urged everyone to display the flags prominently on buildings and in their compounds.

August 31 marks the anniversary of Malaya’s independence from the British in 1957.

September 16 marks the day when Sarawak, Malaya, Sabah and Singapore came together to form Malaysia in 1963. Singapore left two years later.

Over the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic, state leaders have held low-key ceremonies in Kuching to commemorate both events.

Francis today said that this year will see full-scale celebrations for August 31, with the Information Department convoy kicking off a series of public events.

source – The Vibes


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